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My real name is Maria and in L2 world I am knowed as Lua and Avadon.  I’m a huge fan of  Lineage 2. I’ve been playing it since 2004 C1 chronicle. I was GM(game master) in 2 servers for a long time and I am a clan leader tooNoName Clan Blog NoName Clan Forum )
I played in all chronicles and at official server when it became free too.  I’ve learned and experienced a lot during all this time and I’ve come to realize how deep the game is and how there’s always something new to explore in it.
I always liked to help other players with advices derived from my experience and knowledge, so this is why I’ve created  a forum in 2005 (L2Avadon Tutoriais) where anyone could find answers to their questions.It is the why some images used here is from L2avadon. In future I will update all of them to L2scroll. 
Now it is time to organazing all that I learned and colected  all this years at same place, this blog: L2Scroll.
I know that there are a lot of things I’ve yet to learn and experience, then I will do my best to share all with you and always update L2scroll blog.
Remember that L2Scroll blog is just starting, and in future all you need learn about Lineage 2 will be here.
If want contact me: my email l2avadon@gmail.com  and my  FACEBOOK PAGE
Thanks and good luck