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Little Wing (Hatchling)

   Start Level  35  Start Location Giran  Start Npc Pet Manager Cooper  Repeatable Yes  Reward Dragonflute of Wind , Twilight or   Star - (Level 35 Hatchling) 1. Start the quest by talking to to Pet Manager Cooper inside the luxury shop in Giran. He will send you to speak to Wiseman Cronos. 2. Go to Hunter’s Village, Wiseman Cronos is in the main area in front of the main building, near the Gatekeeper. He will tell you need a fairy stone so that you can talk to one of the fairies in the Enchanted Valley. He will ask you what kind of fairy stone you would like to craft  a regular or Deluxe  and give you the appropriate recipe depending on your answer. Note: I t's easier if you choose the regular fairy stone cause you will spend less ingredients. If choose Deluxe ones you will earn the item fairy dust (change the probality of gain certain type of Hatchling- see the tablet in end of quest) w

Pets' Quests

Learn more about your pet : Pets' Guide Type Character’s level Quest Tips Wolf 15+ Get a Pet Hatchling 35+ Little Wing Strider 45+ Little Wing's Big Adventure To start this quest, you need to have a Hatchling lvl 55 or higher. Can be also obtained for Territory Badges from a Mercenary Captain. Baby Kookaburra 24+ Help the Son! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Dion, Fortress of Resistance Baby Buffalo 25+ Help the Uncle! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Gludin, Town of Gludio, Town of Schuttgart, Bandit Stronghold, Rainbow Springs Chateau Baby Cougar 24+ Help the Sister! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Town of Giran, Town of Aden, Rune Township, Town of Goddard, Fortress of the Dead, Devastated Castle. Wyvern You