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Saga of the Sagittarius

 Level  76  Start Location  Hunter Village  Start Npc President Bernard  Races  Human  Classes  Hawkeye  Repeatable  No    Reward Bec o me Sagittarius, Secret Book of Giants, 5 million adena, 2.299.404 XP 1. Visit Guild President Bernard in Hunters Village to begin the Quest. He orders you to recover the bow of sagittarius, the stolen symbol of the guild. He suggests that you speak with Grimst in Goddard Castle Town to find out more about the thief. 2. Go visit Grimst in Hunters Village . He will ask you to talk to Mist. 3. Visit Information Broker Mist in the Hot Springs . He asks you to bring him an Ice Crystal in order to make Shaved Ice for Lily. 4. Go to Jeremy and accept " The FinestIngredients - Part 1 " quest. He will give you the Ice Crystal. 5. When you get the Ice Crystal go back to Mist and he will give you the Shaved I