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Noblesse by Territory Wars

In the Gracia Final a player can now become a noblesse through one of the Territory Managers, regardless of whether they have a subclass or not. To do this costs a specific amount of territory badges. Territory wars (TW) are pretty similar to castle sieges but both - mercenaries and clans may participate. The territory consists of castle(the eye of the storm  ), the corresponding town or village, territory fortress and hunting ground. There are 9 territories:  Gludio,  Dion,  Giran,  Oren, Aden,  Innadril,  Goddard,  Rune,  Schuttgart First of all you must register to a territory. Choose a territory and speak to Mercenary Captain  and click the button “mercenary sign up” for a solo character, or the button “Clan Sign UP” in order to register  all the clan players. If your clan has a castle you are already singed to the castle territory.  TW registration/cancelation period ends 2 hours before the TW begins. TWs occur 1 day before the castle siege (Saturday-TW->Sunday-Cas

Noblesse Quest

A player who has reached level 75 in their subclass and completes the Path to a Noblesse quests is able to become a Noblesse. Noblesse are granted special abilities that are primarily used in sieges and raids, giving the Noblesse a leading role in combat. Once a character earns the title of Noblesse, both main class and subclasses are given the title. Special skills conferred by the title can also be used in both classes. Noblesse Abilities The Noblesse have access to exclusive teleports from the village gatekeepers, which transport them to various locations that are ordinarily unavailable, including dungeon interiors. Noblesse can give themselves a title without joining a clan. Noblesse can designate or modify their own titles with the Title and Delete Title buttons in the Clan window. Noblesse are also awarded accessories by the Noblesse quest NPCs, which distinguish them from other players. Hair accessories can only be deleted from the inventory and cannot be traded

LVL 75 - Possessor of a precious soul - Part 4

 Level  75 (on subclass)  Start Location  Goddard  Start Npc Caradine  Races  All  Classes  All  Reward Noblesse Status, Tiara of the Noblesse and   93,836 exp. Requirements : Quests Possessor of aPrecious Soul - Part 1, Possessor of a Precious Soul - Part 2 and Possessor ofa Precious Soul - Part 3 1. Go and talk to Caradine in Goddard. 2. You will be teleported to the Coliseum next to the Lady of the Lake. Speak with her and you will find out that she is the Goddess Eva! She asks for your help. You accept and you become a Noblesse and receive Noblesse Tiara Noblesse Tiara.