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Help the son! (Kookaburra)

 Start Level  24  Start Location Gludio  Start Npc Pet Manager Lundy  Repeatable No  Reward Pet Exchange Ticket: Kookaburra   1. Start by talking to Pet Manager Lundy in Gludio Castle Town. He will ask if he can talk to you for a minute. Accept this quest. 2. He will then tell you he wants a Work Hammer and ask you to get him one. Go to weapon and armor shop and buy one to him. 3. He thanks you for the work hammer then asks you to kill the bandits in the area. 4. He wants you to kill 30 Maille Lizardman, Maille Lizardman Guards, or Maille Lizardman Scouts. These can be found in Maille Lizardman Barracks outside of Gludio. 5. Killing the Lizardmen gives you Broken Gemstone Fragments. Return to Pet Manager Lundy and he will assemble them into Gold Colored Gemstone. 6. He sends you to Dirkus to check out the Gemstone. High Prefect Dirkus is in the Orc area in Gludio. 7. High