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Saga of the Cardinal

 Level  76  Start Location  Oren Castle Town  Start Npc High Priest Hollint  Races  Human  Classes  Bishop  Repeatable  No    Reward Become Cardinal, Secret Book of Giants, 5.000.000 adenas, 2299404 exp 1) The quest starts in Oren Castle town in the church with High Priest Hollint. He tells you to find the Saint of Light, Agnes, in Goddard Castle Town. 2) The Saint of Light can be found around the Magic Shop. She tells you to find Duncan in the Hot Springs. 3) Chef Duncan and Chef Jeremy are both in the same area in Hot Springs, in the little camp near the center. Duncan tells you to go to Jeremy for the ice crystals. Jeremy sparks off another related but separate quest. He has several quests, you want The Finest Ingrediants Part 1.  Once you get the ice crystal from this quest return to Chef Duncan.Chef Duncan hands you a well-packaged jar containing t