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LVL 75- Seeds of chaos

 Level  75  Start Location  Kamael Village  Start Npc   Kekropus  Races  Kamael  Classes  all kamael  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward   Ability to subclass for Kamael and   Enchant Weapon A NOTE: You need done quest Fate's to whisper to get the Star of Destiny 1. To start this subclass quest talk to Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Village. Show him your Star Of Destiny.  He sends you to speak with the Wizard in Forest of the Dead . 2. Talk to the Mysterious Wizard and in quest question select the option "What is it?".  2- He sends you to hunt Needle Stakato Drone in Swamp of Screams area in order to get Black Echo Crystal. 3. When you get the quest item go back to the Mysterious Wizard . He summons Katenar. 4. Talk to Katenar. After some interesting chat with him he tells you to go and find Harkilgamed in Valley of the Saints.

LVL74- Magi power of fire- Part 1

This quest is for players who have Alliance with Varka Silenos level 2 done.  Level  74  Start Location  Goddart  Start Npc   Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk  Races  all  Classes  all  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward Divine Stone of Wisdom 1. Go speak to Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk (port to the Silenos outpost from the Goddard gatekeeper). Select the “Magical Power of Fire - Part 1” quest from him.  2.You are told to go into the Varka Silenos Village and meet Udan Mardui. This will be tricky. If you harm any Varkas getting there you’re alliance level will drop and the alliance will be broken. If you are partied with people who are allied with the Orcs and they kill a Varka, you also will lose a level in your alliance membership. You can kill animals that agro you. You can also follow another group out of party as they fight their way to the village.