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Humans 1st Class Transfer Quests

Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Human Human Fighter Path of the Warrior Warrior Path of the Human Knight Human Knight Path of the Rogue Rogue Human Mystic Path of the Human Wizard Human Wizard Path of the Cleric Cleric

Path to Human Warrior

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.    Classic reward: exp: 80.314 and sp: 5,087 1-Meet with Master Auron in the Warrior Guild in Gludin. He will tell you about the test you have to do. He sends you to Simplon in Gludio. 2-Trader Simplon is the Weapons and Armor shop in Gludio. He needs 10 Rusted Swords. 3-Go to Ruins of Agony and kill Tracker Skeletons(lv17) and Tracker SkeletonLeaders(lv18) until you get 10 rusted swords. 4-Returne to Trader Simplon. He takes the swords and hands you a Rusted Bronze sword and a letter. These need to go to Master Auron. 5-Back to Gludin at Master Auron, he tells you about the giant poison spiders that you need to kill with the Rusted Sword. 6-Kill PoisonSpiders and Arachnid Trackers near Windmill Hill south of Gludin. You will need to return 20 spider legs. 7-Return to Master Auron with the spider