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Help the Uncle! (Buffalo)

 Start Level  25  Start Location Dion  Start Npc Pet Manager Waters  Repeatable No  Reward Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo 1. Start by talking to Pet Manager Waters in Dion Castle Town. He will ask you to do him a favor. Accept this quest. 2. He will then tell you he really wants a Trident but he has no money for one. He will ask you to get him one. Go to weapon and armor shop and buy one to him.  3. He thanks you for the Trident then tells you about his Uncle building a pastureland in the North and asks you for a favor. 4. He wants you to kill 30 Monster Eye Gazers and Monster Eye Destroyers (30 total, not 30 of each).These can be found around the Hills of Dion (Gazers) outside Dion towards Execution Grounds, Plains of Dion (Destroyers) near Florin and Wasteland (Destroyers).   5. Return to Met Manager Waters with the map fragments. 6. He assembles the fragments into a map and asks you