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LVL 10 - Spirit of Mirrors

 Level  10  Start Location  Talking Island Village  Start Npc  Grand Magister Gallint  Races  Human  Classes  All  Repeatable No  Reward Wand of Adept , various echo crystals, 1000 soul or spiritshots and 100 lesser healing potions. 1.Talk to Grandmagister Gallint at the human mage starting location, south of Talking Island Viallage. He will give you 3 Gallin's Oak Wands, which once used will become quest items Wand Spiritsound and go into your quest inventory. You MUST use the wands to deliver the final blow to the 3 spirits, but can weaken them with any other weapon/spell. 2. Hunt the Giant Toad Spirit of Mirrors (lvl 9 passive). It is on the south bank of the river, near the other toads.   3. Hunt the Orc Spirit Of Mirrors (lvl 10 passive). It is almost due north of the toad, on the hill just nort

LVL 9 - Sword of Solidarity

 Level  9  Start Location Talking Island Village  Start Npc Grand Master Roien  Races  Human  Classes  All  Repeatable  Yes (Solo)  Reward Sword of Solidarity, 100 lesser healing potions, and 50 various echo crystals. 1) This quest starts on Talking Island in Cedric's Training Hall, which is south east of the village and where all human fighters start the game. Speak with Grand Master Roien. Then go to Blacksmith Altran back in the village.   2) Altran tells you the pieces of the sword can be found in the Elven Ruins. you'll need to find two parts from the orcs in the Ruins.   3) In the Elven Ruins,there are a lot of aggro mobs which do not drop pots so be careful. There are two Tunath orc warriors down the first hall in the circle room, both are aggro and social. When you get both pieces return to the village to Altran.   4) Altran takes

LVL 6 - The Guard is Busy

 Level  6  Start Location  Talking Island Village  Start Npc  Captain Gilbert  Races  All  Classes  All  Repeatable  Yes (Solo)  Reward 6000 soulshots or 3000 spiritshots 1) The quest starts in Talking Island village just outside the east gate with Captain Gilbert. If you agree to help him he will give you Gludio Lord's Mark and send you to collect orc amulets, werewolf fangs, and orc necklaces.  2) Orcs and werewolves are found pretty much all over the island north and southwest of the Obelisk of Victory. Kill them to collect the items . One is enough, but if you want get some adenas per item you can collect how many as you want.   3) When you are ready to turn in the items speak to Captain Gilbert back at town again and he will reward you with adena for the quest items, and you will earn 3,000 spirit or 6000 soulshot as the newbie reward for char