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Noblesse by Territory Wars

In the Gracia Final a player can now become a noblesse through one of the Territory Managers, regardless of whether they have a subclass or not. To do this costs a specific amount of territory badges. Territory wars (TW) are pretty similar to castle sieges but both - mercenaries and clans may participate. The territory consists of castle(the eye of the storm  ), the corresponding town or village, territory fortress and hunting ground. There are 9 territories:  Gludio,  Dion,  Giran,  Oren, Aden,  Innadril,  Goddard,  Rune,  Schuttgart First of all you must register to a territory. Choose a territory and speak to Mercenary Captain  and click the button “mercenary sign up” for a solo character, or the button “Clan Sign UP” in order to register  all the clan players. If your clan has a castle you are already singed to the castle territory.  TW registration/cancelation period ends 2 hours before the TW begins. TWs occur 1 day before the castle siege (Saturday-TW->Sunday-Cas