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Dwarven 3rd Class Transfer Quests

It is recommended to do before the following questions: Finest Ingredients - Part 1 Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Alliance with ketra orcs - level 1 and 2   after you will have to make quest Magical Power of Water (part 1 only) Magic Power of Water-Part 1 OR   Alliance with the Varka Silenos Alliance with Varka Silenos-level 1 and 2 after you will have to make quest Magical Power of Fire (part 1 only) Magic power of Fire-Part 1 2nd Class Name 3rd   Class Name 3rd Class Transfer Quest Bounty Hunter Fortune Seeker Saga of the For tune Seeker Warsmith Maestro Saga os the Maestro

Saga of the Fortune Seeker

 Level  76  Start Location  Rune Castle Town  Start Npc  Chief Inspector Mond  Races  Dwarf  Classes  Bounty Hunter  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Secret Book of Giants;  2,299,404 XP, 5 million  adena. 1. Your Quest starts in Rune warehouse with Chief Inspector Mond.He says to you meet the Dark Elf Agent Pamela Aprodia. 2. Go to Goddard warehouse and talk to Pamela Aprodia. After a short conversation Pamela Aprodia will send you to talk to Bavarian.  3. Go to the Hotsprings to meet Bavarin. He wants an "Ice Crystal".  ( At this point you either have to do or already done the  Quest Finest Ingrendients Part 1 ) Hand the Ice Crystal to Bavarin and you will get a Sealed Envelope.  4. Now back to Goddard and talk to Pamela Aprodia to give her the envelope. She will give you the Resonance Amulet 1 and  tell you now the location of the 1st Table