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Saga of the Sword Muse

  Level   76   Start Location Aden Castle Town   Start Npc Master Raien   Races Elven   Classes sword singer   Repeatable   No   Reward Become   a Sword Muse , Secret Book of Giants, 5 million adena, 2,299,404 XP NOTE: The rewards before CT2 Gracia do not give adenas.   1. Go and talk to Master Raien in Aden Warrior Guild. She says that blacksmith Feynn in Goddard knows thesource of Eva's songs. 2. Go and talk to the Blacksmith Feynn in Goddard. He want you to get a legendary bitter cold beer that Donath in hot spring can make. 3. Go and talk to Chef Donath in the Hot Springs. He asks you to bring him Ice Crystal and a Big White Fat Fish (buy it or fish it). If you can't buy the fish you must train your fishing skills to lvl 24 and start fishing.   4. Now you'll need to visit Chef