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Saga of Ghost Sentinel

Level 76 Start Location Hunters Village Start Npc Guild President Bernard Races Dark Elven Classes Phantom Ranger Repeatable No Reward Become a Ghost Sentinel,Secret Book of Giants,5 million adena,2,299,404 XP
NOTE: The rewards before CT2 Gracia do not give adenas.
1. Talk to Bernard, the president of The Hunter’s guild.
2. He sends you to the Warehouse to talk with Grimst. He wants an Ice Crystal Gemstone, before he gives you the information.
3. He sends you to Goddard in order to get the stuff from Gedrik, who can be found at the blacksmith. He happily makes you an ice crystal gemstone, if you bring him an Ice Crystal.

Dark Elven 1st Class Transfer Quests

Dark Elven 2nd Class Transfer Quests

2ND CLASS TRANSFER QUESTS have 3 quests to be done. After get the mark of the all quests go to Master Guild of your class to change to your 2nd class profession.
Follow the links below and Good Luck.

Palus Knight
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Shillien Knight Trial of Duty Testimony of Fate Test of Witchcraft Bladedancer Trial of Challenger Testimony of Fate Test of the Duelist
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Phantom Ranger Trial of Seeker Testimony of Fate Test of the Sagittarius

Saga of Spectral Dancer