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Clan war and siege

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian. ================================================================== CLAN WAR Declaration of war Clan level 3 and above, which are composed of at least 15 characters, can declare war on another clan. To accept the war, the clan must comply with the same requirements. Simultaneously clan can challenge the 30 clans, but it can take any number of calls. The declaration of war by a team chat or from the management interface clan. Clans which have declared war in the Clan Information can view information about the clan wars, where we will see the number of murders of members of the clan and the time to reject a call, until the war began. Clan Wars begins when the clan who raced invitation clan war: War confirmed by pressing a button in the menu control clan; killed in PvP / PK 5 or more players of the clan, who threw an invitation to