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Guide Kamaloka

What is Kamaloka?                         The Kamaloka are instances where you can get much exp, sp and drops. There are 3 types of them: The Kamaloka Hall of Abyss ( added in Gracia Part 1), Kamaloka Labyrinth of Abyss ( added in Gracia Part 2 and Rim kamaloka (added in INNOVA-Official Russian server in 2014).             Before you enter Kamaloka you should definitly start the related "Mutated Kaneus" Quests. You can accept this quest for each town. For that you just need to kill the boss on level x3 and x6 for each town once. After that talk to the NPC again. It will give you SP, Adena and EXP. Totally worth it, especially for beginner. Quest Mutated Kaneus   Why should you go in this instance daily? - Low lvl Kamaloka - at least for XP, enchants and armors/weapons (for crystals) - High lvl Kamaloka - at least for XP, enchants but also for A grade weapons (lvl 69), A grade armors and jewels (lvl 73), S grade armors and weapons (lvl 78/81) with full drops