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Trial of Pilgrim

 Level  35  Start Location  Near the Orc Barracks  Start Npc  Hermit Santiago  Races  Dark Elf  Elf  Human  Orc  Classes  Bishop  Elder  Overlord  Prophet  Shillien Elder  Warcryer  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Pilgrim 1) The quest begins at Gludin region in Orc Barracks. Talk to Hermit Santiago. He is near a house.He tells you have to first learn about Maphr (Orc Town) and then learn about Einhasad from Priest Primoz in Giran Town and finally go to Elf Town to learn about Eva and Shilen from the protector Andelia. 2) First go to Orc Village. Talk to Seer Tanapi. He is inside of temple, first room on at left. He will ask you to make the Essence of flame.   3) Go to the Cave of Trials and find Ancient Spirit Martankus. Enter in the cave and   go to the first bridge, jump into th