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Saga of Spectral Dancer

  Level   76   Start Location   Giran Castle Town- Hardin's Private Academy   Start Npc   Dark Knight Mordred   Races   Dark elf   Classes   Bladedancer   Repeatable   No   Reward   Become Spectral Dancer,Secret Book of Giants,5 million adena,2,299,404 XP 1. Speak with Dark Knight Mordred in Hardins Private Academy to start the quest. He requests that you speak to sellbook seller Elena in Goddard Castle Town.   2. Go to Goddard and talk to Elena that is located inside the church just inside the entrance. She tells you about the Ancient Language Dictionary and that you must get it from Bavarin in the Hot Springs area. 3. Go to Hot Spring and speak with Bavarin. He requests that you bring him an ice crystal item from NPC Chef Jeremy. 4. Go to Jeremy and accept " The FinestIngredients - Part 1 " quest. He will give you the Ice Crystal. 5. Go and me