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LVL 3 An Adventure Begins

 Level  3  Start Location   Dark Elven Village  Start Npc   Gatekeeper Jasmine  Races  Dark Elven  Classes  All  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward Scroll of scape to Giran and Mark of Traveler 1. Talk to Gatekeeper Jasmine in Dark Elven Village  2. Go and talk to Sentry Roselyn at the east end of the village. She gives you quest item Roselyn's Note 3. Roselyn tell you to go to Magister Harne is in the Shilen Temple .  4. Go back to Gatekeeper Jasmine and give her Roselyn's Note . She gives you the reward - Scroll Of Escape To Giran Castle Town and a Mark Of Traveler .

LVL 18 - Mutated Kaneus

 Level  18 +  Start Location  all cities  Start Npc   Captains of all Kamalokas  Races  All  Classes  All  Reward exp, sp and adenas based on nivel of kamaloka (see below) REWARS FROM EACH CITY KAMALOKA' CITY EXP SP ADENAS GLUDIO 70.000 32.000 17,000 DION 190.000 105.000 40,000 HEINE 500.000 330.000 100,000 OREN 1.000.000 770.000 200,000 SCHUTTGART 2.060.000 1.840.000 420,000 RUNE 3.500.000 3.500.000 720,000 This quest must be done in Kamalokas Hall of Abyss. It is the same in all Kamalokas, only change the name of itens to get and the last NPC that is always a Magister in the temple of