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Clan and Alliance

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian. ======================================================================= Clan To create a clan the player needs to have the following conditions: The character must be at least 10 levels. The character does not have to consist in the clan. The character will not be able to create a clan within 10 days of the dissolution of the previous one. Clan Name can be up to 16 alphanumeric characters without spaces or special characters. If the clan name is already taken this will be the message. The dissolution of the clan The clan is disbanded at the same NPC, which is created. After selecting the appropriate item from the dialogue NPC, it will be necessary to further confirm the dissolution of the clan. After confirming the dissolution of the clan last for another 7 days, this period may cancel the dissolution of the clan. Using the skills of the clan is limited to this period but ch