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Test of the Duelist

 Level  39  Start Location  Oren Castle Town  Start Npc  Duelist Kaien  Races  Dark Elf, Elf, Human, Orc  Classes  Bladedancer, Gladiator, Swordsinger, Tyrant  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the duelist sp- 30704       exp- 447444 adenas- 80903     dimensional diamond - undecided 1. The quest begins in Oren Castle Town at Duelist Kaien. Kaien is located in the south-western corner of the city. Kaien will give you a list of monsters each of which you must kill 10. The list has 5 regions with two types of monsters in each region. So that means you need to collect 100 of the items they drop total. You may hunt while in a party, but you have to be the one to make the last hit to kill the monster or you won't get the quest items.  2. The list of monsters is as follows:   2.1- Oren:             - Enchanted Monster Eye: Ivory Tower