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Test of the Duelist

 Start Location
 Oren Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Duelist Kaien
 Dark Elf, Elf, Human, Orc
 Bladedancer, Gladiator, Swordsinger, Tyrant
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the duelist
sp- 30704      exp- 447444
adenas- 80903    dimensional diamond - undecided

1. The quest begins in Oren Castle Town at Duelist Kaien. Kaien is located in the south-western corner of the city. Kaien will give you a list of monsters each of which you must kill 10. The list has 5 regions with two types of monsters in each region. So that means you need to collect 100 of the items they drop total. You may hunt while in a party, but you have to be the one to make the last hit to kill the monster or you won't get the quest items. 

2. The list of monsters is as follows:


2.1- Oren:

            - Enchanted Monster Eye: Ivory Tower crater.

           -Leto Lizardman Overlord : On the left side of the road on the way to Hunter's Village.

 2.2- Aden:

            -Tamlin Orc, Tamlin Orc Archer: When you go to Hunter's Village, there is a cave. When you come out of the cave and go twards the Hunter's Village, below the road you'll find them.

 2.3- Giran:

            -Fettered Soul: Hardins Private Academy
             -Breka Orc Overlord: Breka' Stronghold.

 2.4- Dion:

            -Marsh Stakato Drone: Cruma Marshlands.

            -Dead Seeker: Execution Ground

2.5- Gludio:

             - Puncher:  Wasteland.
             -Noble Ant Leader: Ant nest (the room before the Ant Queen's room is the Male Ant's room)

  3. After you collected 10 from EACH of the monsters above, then go back to Kaien. Once you return to Kaien, you will receive another list of monster to kill.From each of the four regions, you need to kill 3 of a single monster type.

4. The list of monsters is as follows:


4.1- Dion:

             - Excuro and Krator: into Cruma Tower

4.2- Giran:

             - Grandis: Hardins Private Academy

 4.3- Oren:

             - Timak Orc Overlord: Timak Outpost

4.4- Aden:

             - Lakin: From Hunter's Village, go right/east and after you cross the bridge there is a location where 3 Lakin respawn.

 5. When you have collected all of them, go talk to Kaien again in warrior guild of Oren and you will receive 3 certificates.

Congratulations! You completed the Test of the Duelist!

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