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LVL 15 - Get a Pet

 Start Location
 Gludin Village
 Start Npc
 Pet Manager Martin
 Yes (Solo)
Wolf Colar

1. To start off, speak to Pet Manager Martin in Gludin village.

2. He will ask you to go to your hometown and collect Bloody Fangs. You must collect 50 of them.

3. The animals to hunt according your race are:

    3.1 Human - giant spiders,talon spiders and blader spiders.


    3.2 Orc - kasha spiders, kasha fang spiders, and kasha blade spiders.

    3.3 Dwarf - hunter tarantulas and plunder tarantulas.

    3.4 Elf - crimson spiders, hook spiders, and the pincer spiders.

    3.5 Dark Elf - lesser dark horrors, dark horrors, and prowlers.


   3.6 Kamael - Crimson Spider

4. When you collect 50 fangs, return to Martin in Gludin.

5. He will send you to speak to:

    5.1 Gatekeeper Bella in Gludio

    5.2 Guard Metty in Dion

    5.3 Accessory Jeweler Ellie in Giran

6. Return to Martin in Gludin and he will give you a test. It is a 10 question test based on what the people told you. The questions are below, with the CORRECT answer . Note that some questions are made differently and has different answers for some chronic. Be wary because if you miss will have to talk again with all list of pet lovers.

Q: What is the best way to train you pet? Or What should you do to make a pet grow faster?
A: pre-CT1.5: Tell you pet to hit monsters multiple times.
A: CT1.5: Tell your pets hit first.
A: Gracia Epilogue ++: When taking down a monster, have the pet's company

Q: Which of the following do not describe the life of a wolf?
A: A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies.

Q: The wolf is a meat-eating mammal of the canine family. Which animal among the following is not a meat-eating mammal of the canine family?
A: Black Wolf
A: Gracia Epilogue ++: None of the above

Q: What is the normal life span of a wolf in captivity?
A: 12-15 years

Q: How far (in kilometers) can a wolf's smell reach?
A: 2.4 Km

Q: How is a wolf's tail normally positioned?
A: It's tail is always pointing straight down

Q: The following connections are made between the wolves and their habitats. Which is not correct?
A: None of the above
A: Gracia Epilogue ++: Orc - Black Wolf

Q: Pets are very useful to their owners. Which of the following is not an appropriate use of a pet?
A: Can be sent to the village to buy items
Q: When a pet is killed it may be resurrected within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum delay allowed before resurrection becomes impossible?
A: 20 minutes
Q: The pet Shall disappear forever if you can not resurrect it within a Certain amount of time. What is the maximum amount of time to resurrect a pet?
(question in H5 can be too: Will pet desappear unless resurected after death?If so what is the time avaliable in which to resurects pets?
A: pre Gracia 20 minutes.
A: Gracia Epilogue 24 Hours [
A: H5 it will not disappear
Q: Which is not a proper description of the breeding of wolves?
A: Pregnancy is 9 months

Q: Which of the following is NOT part of the wolf's diet?
A: None of the above

Q: Which one among The Following does a wolf not eat?
A: None of the above.

Q: What kind of wolf leads the rest when hunting in a pack?
A: Male

Q: Which of the following is the correct description of a wolf?
A: A grown wolf is still not as heavy as a full-grown male adult human.

Q: What are the oldest and most primitive type of wolves found in Aden?
A: Dire Wolf

Q: The owner can use its pet for many different purposes. Which one of the Following is NOT the purpose of a pet use?
A: Send someone to buy items from the village.

7. If you answer all correctly, you will receive a pet collar in you inventory which you can use by double clicking on it.

Congratulations! You have a wolf !

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