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Quests for Levels 1-21 - Start villages

QUESTS START VILLAGES - LEVEL 1 TO 21  NOTE: there is a quest lvl 1 only for interlude chronicle that gives too many adenas. The quest is the introducing of Kamael race. Quest name: Kamael a window to the future. Quest Name Race Level Starting Location and NPC Repeat Reward Quest for Fishing Shots All 1 Each town/harbor Y Fishing Shots Deliver Goods All 2 Talking Island Village (Guard Arnold) N Ring of Knowledge Letters of Love All 2 Talking Island Village (Darin) N Necklace of Knowledge Miner's Favor All 2 Strip Mine (Miner Bolter) N Necklace of Knowledge Sacrifice to the Sea All 2 Talking Island (Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell) N Mystic's Earring Mass of Darkness Dark Elf

Subclass Quests

In order to subclass you must do 4 quests. Below is the order of which you can and should take them. The first three are pre-requirements for the final one. 1.) Supplier of Reagents Level: 57 Location: Ivory Tower sopping level Trader Wesley Purpose: to be able to collect the reagant pouches which have moonstone shards, volcanic ash, and quicksilver needed for Mimir's elixir at 75. Hunt occasionally in Blazing Swamp and TOI to get reagant pouches as well as lava stones and stuff. DO NOT open the pouches unless you have room in warehouse for multiple components. 2.) An Arrogant Search Level: 60 Location: Aden DE Guild Magister Hanellin Purpose: get your bloody fabrics. You use 1 fabric per time entering the vortex to see Baium. 3.) Fate's Whisper Level: 75 Location: Skyshadow Meadow Maestro Reorin Purpose: collect the orb from cabrio, and the scepters from the 3 TOI raid bosses, to receive your pipette knife and stab Baium. At completion you receive the Sta

Quests for Levels 15 - 40

QUESTS FOR LEVEL 15 T0 40 Quest Name Race Level Starting Location and NPC Repeat Reward Bard's Mandolin All 15 Town of Dion (Bard Swan) Y Musical Score - Theme of Journey, 300 Adena Get a Pet All 15 Gludin Village (Pet Manager Martin) Y Wolf Collar Grim Collector All 15 Town of Gludio (Guard Curtis) Y Adena Jovial Accordion All 15 Town of Dion (Musician Barbado) Y Musical Score - Theme of Feast Sorrowful Sound of Flute All 15 Town of Dion (Musician Nanarin) Y Musical Score - Theme of Solitude Subjugation of Lizardmen All 17 Gludin Village (Guard Weisz) Y 9,181 Adena Dragon Fangs All 19