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New with C3 is the Seven Signs competition. This will be a description of what the war of dawn and dusk means to the players: what are the benefits of joining sides, which side to join, what the effects of the competition are.
As the Seven Seals that bind the power of Shilen, Goddess of Death, are opened one by one, the world moves closer to the brink of chaos. Each Seal contains a great power that can make the world tremble. The one who opens the Seals can control the power contained within them. The Revolutionary Army of Dusk and the Lords of Dawn compete against each other toward this end. Players join one of these two cabals, which vie for control over the power of the Seals.
An unlimited number of players can join the Seven Signs quest, which repeats in two-week intervals. By participating in the Seven Signs, players are given to the opportunity to shape their server in ways that were not possible until now.
The war between the Cabals is between those who hold a castle and those who do not. Players who have not yet reached their second occupation fall into the ‘neutral group’ and may participate in either side.


Players who want to participate in the Seven Signs must join one of the Cabals, either the Revolutionary Army of Dusk (hereinafter "Dusk") or the Lords of Dawn (hereinafter "Dawn"). Once they join one of the Cabals, it is impossible for them to withdraw until a new Seven Signs starts after two weeks. At the time they join, they must vote upon the Seal they wish to possess.

Characters With a Second Class Transfer

Lords of Dawn
Members of clans who own a castle may join the Lords of Dawn. Players who are not members of castle-holding clans or alliances, but who are willing to pay 50,000 adena, will be able to choose Dawn through the Priests of Dawn in each village during the competition period. At this time, the Lord of each castle may purchase an additional 300 Approval Certificates through the Chamberlain and transfer them to other characters.
Characters who are not members of castle-holding clans need to get an Approval Certificate from their castle's Lord to join Dawn, or pay 50,000 adena. Approval Certificates never expire and are re-usable.

Revolutionary Army of Dusk
Only characters who are not members of the castle-holding clans and guilds may join Dusk. During the registration period, they may join through the Priests of Dusk in each village.

Characters Without a Second Class Transfer
They may freely join either the Lords of Dawn or the Revolutionary Army of Dusk.

Characters Without a First Class Transfer
They may not participate in the Seven Signs.

Characters who joined a Cabal may participate in the competition period from the first Monday until the Monday of the following week. Each Cabal may hunt the Seven Signs monsters (Lilim, Nephilim, Lilith, and Gigant), within the Catacombs and Necropolis’ to acquire Seal Stones. They can participate in two kinds of competitions: acquiring items necessary for their Cabal, and participating in the Festival of Darkness.

Collecting Seal stones (Blue, Green, and Red)
Each Cabal may hunt monsters within the Catacombs and Necropolis’ to acquire Seal Stones. Items acquired in this way are entrusted to the Priest of each side. Scores contributed to the Priests by each player are accumulated and included in the total score of the whole Cabal. [Contribution points to the Cabal will be different based on stone color: Blue (1), Green (5), and Red (10)]. Seal Stones are items that can be exchanged among players. Even if these items are not entrusted to the Priest during the competition period, they do not disappear and can be used during the next competition period. Players hunt the monsters in Necropolis' or Catacomb to get Seal Stones.


Determination of Victory and Defeat

Victory is determined by combining the high scores recorded in the Festival of Darkness along with the amount of Seal Stones each Cabal has entrusted to their priest.
Maximum Level
Settlement of Ancient Adena
Once the Seal Effective period begins, the Priest in the village rewards Ancient Adena to the player on the winning Cabal based on the amount of Seal Stones turned in during the competition period. If the player kept their Seal Stones and did not turn them in, they are still able to turn them into the Priest in exchange for Ancient Adena. The only time one may receive Ancient Adena is if they are on the winning Cabal of this particular Seal Period. The losing side may not turn in their Seal Stones until their Cabal is able to win a competition period.

Purchasing Items
The winner can purchase a variety of items that cannot be purchased in the general stores by paying with Ancient Adena to the Priest of Dusk or Dawn.

Change in the Ownership of the Seal
Seals are owned based on being victorious during the competition period and having the required voting percentage for the Seal.
If the seal was not in effect or owned by the opposing Cabal, then the new winner must receive 35% or more of the total votes to obtain it. If the vote is less then 35% then they cannot own the Seal.
If the cabal owned the Seal in the previous Seven Signs competition, then they can retain the seal if 10% or more members have voted for it.

Change in the Environment
If Dawn wins, a solar eclipse occurs and the sky turns violet; if Dusk wins, an eye is created in the moon and the sky turns green.


If a party owns each Seal, the following changes will occur.
Seal of Avarice
  • The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Necropolis moves the winner inside the dungeon, and they can purchase various kinds of buffs with Ancient Adena.
  • Able to enter all 8 Necropolis freely.
  • In the Necropolis, monsters are generated for the winner to hunt.
  • They can meet Anakim or Lilith in the Disciples Necropolis. Anakim and Lilith are part of the quest in which you can enhance your A-grade weapon.
  • The Trader of Mammon appears inside the dungeon. They can purchase a variety of items that cannot be purchased in general stores by paying with Ancient Adena. The Trader of Mammon does not stay in one place, but often moves around each dungeon.
Seal of Gnosis
  • The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Catacombs moves only the winner inside the dungeon.
    • Able to enter all 6 Catacombs freely.
  • The winner can purchase teleports from the Priests to various hunting areas with Ancient Adena.
  • Hostile NPCs are located around each village, except starting towns, and randomly cast various kinds of de-buffs onto the members of the losing Cabal.
  • Friendly NPCs are located around each village, except starting towns, and randomly cast various kinds of buffs onto the members of the winning Cabal.
  • An NPC named The Blacksmith of Mammon will appear inside the Catacombs. He accepts Ancient Adena for performing A-grade weapon enhancements, removing the Seal on armor, equipment exchanges to higher-level items, as well as free exchange for equipment of the same level. The Blacksmith of Mammon wanders around each Catacomb.
Seal of Strife
If Owned by Dawn:
  • During a siege, it is now possible to hire elite Dawn Mercenaries in addition to the existing mercenaries.
  • The cost required to upgrade the castle gates and walls is slightly reduced.
  • The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is slightly increased.
  • The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is increased to 25%.
If Owned by Dusk:
  • During a siege, defenders are unable to hire anything but low-level mercenaries.
  • The cost required to upgrade the castle gates and walls is greatly increased.
  • The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is greatly reduced.
  • The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is decreased to 5%.


Seal Stones
Seal Stones are exchangeable and can be acquired by hunting Lilim, Nephilim, and Gigant in the Catacombs and Necropolis’. The value of the Stones are higher in the order of Blue < Green < Red. If the player entrusts the stones to the Priests in town, it will add points to your Cabal. Blue, Green, and Red contribute 3, 5, and 10 points respectively.
Entrusted Seal Stones will contribute to grand total points of Cabal.

Ancient Adena
Ancient Adena is acquired through Seal Stones during the competition period. Ancient Adena is used to purchase the items from the Priests of Dawn or Dusk, Blacksmith of Mammon, Trade of Mammon, or to utilize various functions. The Black Market Trader of Mammon will also convert Ancient Adena to regular Adena at a one to one ratio.

The Record of Seven Signs
This is the item that allows you to see overall situations, main events and Seal states of the Seven Signs at a glance. Anyone can buy this item at 500 adena through the Priests of Dawn or Dusk.

Approval Certificates of the Lord
With this item characters that are not members of castle-holding clans, who have done their second class transfer can join Dawn.

The Black Market Trader of Mammon
They exchange Seal Stones and also exchange Ancient Adena with Adena.

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