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LVL 57 - Supplier of Reagents

 Level  57  Start Location  Oren (Ivory Tower)  Start Npc Trader Wesley  Races  All  Classes  All  Repeatable  Yes  Reward A grade crafting components / Full B-grade items Note: Some reagents will be needed for the subclass and nobless quests. NOTE: >>> HOW TO MAKE   PURE SILVER (SUBCLASS QUEST ITEM NEEDED)<<< 1.Insert the Mixing Stone in Mixing Urn 2.Insert 10 Moonstone shards 3.Insert   1 Vulcanic Ash 4.Chosse the   temper 1 (Salamander) You will get Moondust (you will need 10 of this) After: 5.Insert 10 Moondust 6.Insert   1 Quick Silver 7.Choose temper 1 (Salamander) 8.You will get 1 Lunagent 9.Insert 1 Lunagent 10.Insert 1 Quick Silver 11.Choose temper 1 (Salamander) You will get 1 Pure Silver >>> It will be at inventory quest. 12.Retrive the mixing stone.   NOBLESSE QUEST -