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LVL 65 - Delicious Top Choice Meat

Level   65   Start Location Beast Farm   Start Npc Beast Herder Tunatun   Races All   Classes All   Repeatable   Yes   Reward Choice between materials  Important: To quest Saga of Duelist you need only 1 piece of meat. 1. Go to Tunatun in the Beast farm and select the quest for "Delicious Top Choice Meat". He will ask you to bring back 120 pieces of meat for your reward. 2. Go hunt third stage animals for the quest item. To raise a pet to the third stage (x2 hp), purchase a bunch of spice from one of the feed sellers (I use golden spice, I don't know if there's a difference betweem the two spices). Mobs to kill: Alpen Buffalo, Alpen Kookaburra et Alpen Kougar. If you don't know how to grow/train an animal: To grow/raise an animal to the third stage, target one of the animals and use the spice on it until it grows [the cougars, buffalos