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Classic Skills

These are the basic skills that all classes can learn in Classic 1.0. I will list here only the up level of skills that are important or the new ones. HUMAN FIGHTER MYSTIC Warrior - Warlord Cleric   - Bishop Warrior - Gladiator Cleric - Prophet Knight - Paladin Wizard - Sorcerer Knight - Dark Avenger Wizard - Necromancer Rogue - Hawkeye Wizard - Warlock Rogue - Treasure Hunter ELF FIGHTER MYSTIC Knight - Temple   Knight Oracle   - Elven Elder Knight - Sword Singer Wizard - Spellsinger Scout - Silver Ranger Wizard - Elemental Sumonner Scout - Plains Walker DARK ELF FIGHTER MYSTIC Palus Knight - Shillien Knight Shillien Oracle   - Shillien Elder Palus Knight - Blade Dancer Wizard - Spellhowler Assassin - Phantom Ranger Wizard - Phantom