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LVL 6 - The Hidden Veins

 Level  6  Start Location Dwarven Village  Start Npc Gray Pillar Filaur  Races  Dwarf  Classes  All  Repeatable  Yes (Solo)  Reward 6000 soulshots 1) This quest starts in the Dwarven Village at the Elder Council with Gray Pillar Member Filaur. He asks you to collect Chrysolite from Utuku Orcs, Utuku Orc grunts, and Utuku Orc Archers.   2) The orcs can be found pretty much all over north of the village. There are two items you can get from them, Chrysolite Ore and Torn Map Fragments. You can return to Filaur with any amount of items.  3) Back at Filaur I turned in 8 ore and only got 40 adena, which is fairly horrible. But if you are a new character you get the bonus of 6,000 soulshot no grade for beginners which is the best part anyway. 4) If you get at least 4 map fragments head over to the Temple of Maphr and talk to Priestess of Earth Chichirin and

LVL 3 - Into the World

 Level  3  Start Location  Dwarven Village  Start Npc   Silver Scale's Balanki  Races  Dwarf  Classes  All  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward Scroll of scape to Giran and Mark of Traveler 1) This quest begins in the Dwarven Village with Silver Scale's Balanki. He sends you to Warehouse Chief Reed, in the Warehouse. 2) Reed sends you to the Priest of Earth Gerald.  3) Priest Earth Gerald is south of town near the Gatekeeper, and he sends you back to Reed in the Warehouse. 4) Reed sends you back to Balanki. 5) Balanki gives you Scroll of Escape Giran and Mark of Traveler. He gives you instructions for who to contact once in Giran to get back to your home town .

Test of the Maestro

 Level  39  Start Location  Dwarven Village  Start Npc  Iron Gate's Lockirin  Races  Dwarf  Classes  Warsmith  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Maestro sp- 70620                 exp- 1029122 adenas-186077       dimensional diamond - undecided The quest Starts at the Dwarven Village in the elder concil. Talk to Elder Lockirin. Then you have to collect 3 recommendations from the elders below and then complete the quest with Lockirin. A) Elder Arin will ask you to find Toma. 1A- Talk to Elder Arin. Now you have to find Master Toma. He is never in the same place so look at the locations marked on the map below. Attention: He changes place after an average of 30 minutes.             1 *   At the northern entrance of the Mythril mines             2 *   Fund