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Test of the Lord

 Level  39  Start Location  Orc Village  Start Npc  Flame Lord Kakai  Races  Orc  Classes  Overlord  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Lord exp- 894888                 sp-61408 adenas- 161806         dimensional diamond - undecided 1. This quest starts in the Orc Village with Flame Lord Kakai in the Kings Hall. He tells you to talk to 5 other chiefs to earn the 5 items he requires. Three of the other chiefs are in the Kings Hall as well (on each ramp up to where Kakai is and one just in front of him to the right), so talk with all of them in Orc Village before to start your jorney.  1.1 Urutu Chief Hatos is in the Orc Village Kings Hall. 1.2   Neruga Chief Tantus is in the Orc Village Kings Hall 1.3   Atuba Chief Varkees is in the Orc Town Kings Hall Now let's start the jorney! 2. Neruga Chief Tantus   wants 1,000 b