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Divine Inspiration Skills

 Divine Inspiration Skills This is a passive skill that increases the number of character buffs. For each skill level, the character is added 1 buff slot. Maximum - 24 buff-slots . You do not need to spend sp to learn it, but you need to spend a special book for each skill level.  1. Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Modern Language Version) - LVL 52 (the 21st buff slot) This book is sold by NPC Black Marketeer of Mammon. You can find him   in every city. He hides, but not too much. 2. Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Language Version) - LVL 61 (22nd buff slot) This book falls from raid bosses. Practically from all raid bosses 70+ level. Including you can knock out a book from Anakazel in the rift 70+. Anakazel - Invader's Leader (68) Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron (70) Antharas Priest Cloe (74) Beast Lord Behemoth (70) Bloody Priest Rudelto (69) Death Lord Hallate (73) Demon's Agent Falston (66) Doom Blade Tanatos (72) Einha

Classic Skills

These are the basic skills that all classes can learn in Classic 1.0. I will list here only the up level of skills that are important or the new ones. HUMAN FIGHTER MYSTIC Warrior - Warlord Cleric   - Bishop Warrior - Gladiator Cleric - Prophet Knight - Paladin Wizard - Sorcerer Knight - Dark Avenger Wizard - Necromancer Rogue - Hawkeye Wizard - Warlock Rogue - Treasure Hunter ELF FIGHTER MYSTIC Knight - Temple   Knight Oracle   - Elven Elder Knight - Sword Singer Wizard - Spellsinger Scout - Silver Ranger Wizard - Elemental Sumonner Scout - Plains Walker DARK ELF FIGHTER MYSTIC Palus Knight - Shillien Knight Shillien Oracle   - Shillien Elder Palus Knight - Blade Dancer Wizard - Spellhowler Assassin - Phantom Ranger Wizard - Phantom