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Saga of the Hell Knight

  Level   76   Start Location   Giran Castle Town- Hardin's Private Academy   Start Npc   Dark Knight Mordred   Races   Human   Classes   Dark Avenger   Repeatable   No   Reward   Become Hell Knight, Secret Book of Giants, 5 million adena, 2,299,404 XP 1. Speak with Dark Knight Mordred in Hardins Private Academy to start the quest. He will give you an item called Guild Report  which is safe to open and tells you of a monster, and a method of how to defeat him. He requests that you speak to NPC Guard Bayard in Goddard Castle Town. 2. Go to Goddard and talk to Guard Bayard in the north gate of Goddart Castle Town. Speak with him - he tells you he needs information from Information Broker Bavarin. 3. Go to Hot Spring and speak with Bavarin. He says that the Dark Avenger was victim to a political disaster and became the scapegoat to the problem. He ended up bein