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Clan level 4 - Proof of Alliance

 Restrictions  Clan level 3 and Clan leader  Start Location Giran  Start Npc Sir Kristof Rodemai  Repeatable No    Reward Proof of Alliance and 120.000 sp  This quest must be completed by a clan leader level 3 in order to raise a clan level to level 4. You will need at least 3 clan's members in party to do it. 1. Talk to   Sir Kristof Rodemai in the Town of Giran, in entrance of warriors guild. He is seeking a clan leader to restore order in the kingdom. He will say that he cannot join forces with someone whose skills are yet unproven, and recommends you to first attempt and pass the trial of Witch Kalis. If you complete her test and return safely, he promises to give you the 'Proof of Alliance,' which will thus expand the clan's powers and influences.  2. Go to Oren and teleport to Ivory Tower.You will need be in party with clan's members ( at least 3). Go walking and seek Wi