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Event-Medals Collecting

  How does it work? You can acquire up to 5 Collector's levels . Each level unlocks new rewards. You can obtain these levels by playing a game of coin flipping (heads or tails) with Winnie the Cat . You will need a fixed number of Glittering medals for each game, so raising your collector levels won’t be easy.  Beginner --   Rabbit 5 Glittering Medal   Hyena 10 Glittering Medal   Fox 20 Glittering Medal   Wolf 40 Glittering Medal  You can get interesting rewards from NPC  Roy the Cat.  You need to get an appropriate event-level to get them: Lvl 4  Lvl 3  Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 0  Rewards Roy the Cat Louie the Cat Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Haste Potion 5 4 Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Swift Attack Potion 5 4 Wolf Fox

Classic death penalty

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian. ==================================================================== The loss of experience and level At the death of a character level 10 and above, lost a certain amount of experience. Whatever the level of character loses 10% experience at death. Chaotic characters also lose 10% experience death without any additional penalties. The character, who was killed in a peaceful area (in any settlement) does not lose experience points. Characters 9 level and below - the experience does not go below 0%, and the level is impossible to lose Characters level 10 and above - the experience can fall below 0% and you can lose a level, the loss of 4 or more levels of learning skill level are removed or reduced. Attention! If the death of a character becomes level, then the loss will be more than 10% since the number is estimated to take away the e