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Trial of Challenger

   Level  35  Start Location  Dion Castle Town  Start Npc  Kash  Races  Dark Elf  Elf  Human  Orc  Classes  Bladedancer  Destroyer  Gladiator  Swordsinger  Tyrant  Warlord  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Challenger   1)The quest begin in Dion Town with NPC Kash. He is near the entrance of warehouse. Kash asks you to get Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll.  2)He advises you to go to Shisrashi's Cave.Go to Dark Elven village and teleport to Neutral Zone.The cave is at the back of the Swamp Area Waterfalls. Shyslyssys (also known as Shyslassys) is at a cave past the waterfall.She is surrounded by Basilisk minions, so you can either fight them all (and in that case, bring a lot of healing potions because they're social to her), or run to escape from them.After you kill her, you'll get two quest items: a Scroll of Shylassys and a