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Orcs 2nd Class Transfer Quests

2ND CLASS TRANSFER QUESTS have 3 quests to be done. After get the mark of the all quests go to Master Guild of your class to change to your 2nd class profession.

Follow the links below and Good Luck.
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Destroyer Trial of Challenger Testimony of GloryTest of Champion

Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Tyrant Trial of Challenger Testimony of Glory Test of the Duelist
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest

Orc Shaman 2nd Classes Quests

We are updating changes to Classic. They will be in NOTE.
Follow the links and Good Luck.

Path to Orc Shaman

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.

1) This quest starts outside of the King's Hall in Orc Village with Tataru zu Hestui. He sends you to get item from 3 monsters.

1a- Go to location on map and kill Kasha Bear

1b-Go to location on map(same place of kasha bear) and kill Kasha Blade Spiders.

1c- The Scarlet Salamanders can be found in the Cave of Trials, the second room in with the lava pit. You should get the item on first kill.

2) Back to Tataru Zu Hestui and he gives you the Hestui Mask and the Fiery egg . He sends you to find the Hestui Totem Spirit
3) Hestui Totem Spirit is just outside of town. If you run as if you were going back to the Orc starting area and make a left halfway there, the spirit is against a stone wall a bit of a walk away.The Hestui Totem Spirit give you the Totem Spirit Claw and sends you back to Tataru.

4) Tataru asks you two questions, choose the opt…