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Humans 1st Class Transfer Quests

Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Human Human Fighter Path of the Warrior Warrior Path of the Human Knight Human Knight Path of the Rogue Rogue Human Mystic Path of the Human Wizard Human Wizard Path of the Cleric Cleric

Path to Human Wizard

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level. 1) This quest starts in the Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village with High Priestess Levian. She tells you to talk to Parina. 2) Parina is at the entrance to the same Temple. She will explain how you get the items that represent the 4 elements: fire, wind, water and earth. 3- Go to Ruins of Dispair and talk with Flame Salamander. He tells that only will give the Flame if you recover a key that was stolen. 4) Kill Ratman Warriors till get the key. 5) Return to the Flame Salamander and he will give you the spirit of flame (fire token) and also tell you to talk with Sylph Wind near Windawood Manor. 6) Wind Sylph tells that just will give you the token if you get a mirror that is with Lizardman of the Wastelands. 7) The Lizardman is not far from Sylph. Talk to him and grab the mirror (mirror). Return to talk