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Trial of Scholar

    Level  35  Start Location  Dion Castle Town  Start Npc  Magister Mirien  Races  Dark Elf  Elf  Human  Orc  Classes  Elemental Summoner  Necromancer  Phantom Summoner  Sorcerer  Spellhowler  Spellsinger  Warlock  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Scholar    1) Quest begins at Dion Castle Town with Magister Mirien located in the temple. You will receive the quest item "Mirien's Mark" . 2) In the same temple talk to   the High Priest Sylvian. You will receive the quest item "High Priest's Mark".   3) Go to Dion magic shop and talk to Maria. She sends you to talk to Captain Lucas. 4) G to the southern entrance and receive from Captain Lucas the quest item "Lucas' Mark".  5) Go back to "Maria" and receive the qu