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Saga of Soultaker

  Level   76   Start Location   Hardin’s Private Academy   Start Npc   Hardin   Races   Human   Classes   Necromancer   Repeatable   No   Reward   Become   Soultaker, Secret Book of Giants, 5 million adena, 2,299,404 XP 1. Start the quest by talking to Hardin in Hardin’s Private Academy. 2. He sends you to Goddard Castle Town to High Priest Gregory. 3. Gregory sends you off to Hot Springs Area to Information Broker Bavarin  who has some information on Tablet of Visions. 4. Bavarin tells you that he will help you if you bring him an Ice crystal (Cryolite) from Chef Jeremy. 5. Now you'll need to visit Chef Jeremy in the Hot Springs area too. You can get some ice crystals if you make The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 quest from Chef Jeremy.    7. Return the Crystal to Bavarin and he will give you the Ancient Language Dictionary. 8. Now, return t