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An Obvious Lie - Acessorie quest

 Level  45  Start Location  Giran  Start Npc High Priest Maximilian  Races  All  Classes  All  Repeatable  No    Reward Cat Ears or Racoon Ears or Rabbit ears 1. Start the quest by speaking with High Priest Maximillan in the Einhasad Temple in Giran Castle Town . He sends you to Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop .  2. Go and speak with Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop , he sends you to find Miki The Cat in Devil's Isle 3. Teleport from Giran to Devil's Isle and you will find Miki The Cat.   4. He sends you to hunt Alligator. You need to get 20 Medicinal Herbs. 5. When you have them all go to Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop in Giran .   6. Gentler asks you to bring him 500 Spirit Ore . Buy it from the Grocery store and come back to him. He sends you again to Miki The Cat. 7. Speak w

Clan level 5 - Pursuit of Clan Ambition

 Restrictions  Clan level 4 and Clan leader  Start Location Oren  Start Npc Sir Gustaf Altebalt  Repeatable No    Reward Proof of Aspiration     and 250.000 sp     This quest must be completed by a clan leader level 4 in order to raise a clan level to level 5.   1. Talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt in the Town of Oren, he expresses his desire to aid the young and courageous leaders of the kingdom. He promises to give you the 'Proof of Aspiration,' which is needed when expanding clan's powers and influences if you agree to join forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to help him prepare for the attack against dragon Antharas; and tells you to go meet Martien in the Town of Giran. 2. Go to Giran and talk to Martien. He asks you to collect ten eggs each of Thunder Wyrm, Drake, Blitz Wyrm and Mist Drake. Blitz Wyrms and Mist Drakes. Get some clues if you meet with the Dwarven Bounty Hunters