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An Obvious Lie - Acessorie quest

 Start Location
 Start Npc
High Priest Maximilian
Cat Ears or Racoon Ears or Rabbit ears

1. Start the quest by speaking with High Priest Maximillan in the Einhasad Temple in Giran Castle Town. He sends you to Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop

2. Go and speak with Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop, he sends you to find Miki The Cat in Devil's Isle

3. Teleport from Giran to Devil's Isle and you will find Miki The Cat. 
 4. He sends you to hunt Alligator. You need to get 20 Medicinal Herbs.
5. When you have them all go to Trader Gentler in the Magic Shop in Giran.
6. Gentler asks you to bring him 500 Spirit Ore . Buy it from the Grocery store and come back to him. He sends you again to Miki The Cat.

7. Speak with Miki and he will tell you to go back to Gentler in Giran.

8. Gentler asks you to bring him 1.000 Thread and 500 Suede. If you don't have it buy it from other players.

9. Bring him the mats and he will reward you.

You can choose from: 

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