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Clan level 5 - Pursuit of Clan Ambition

 Clan level 4 and Clan leader
 Start Location
 Start Npc
Sir Gustaf Altebalt
Proof of Aspiration   and 250.000 sp  

 This quest must be completed by a clan leader level 4 in order to raise a clan level to level 5. 
 1. Talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt in the Town of Oren, he expresses his desire to aid the young and courageous leaders of the kingdom. He promises to give you the 'Proof of Aspiration,' which is needed when expanding clan's powers and influences if you agree to join forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to help him prepare for the attack against dragon Antharas; and tells you to go meet Martien in the Town of Giran.

2. Go to Giran and talk to Martien. He asks you to collect ten eggs each of Thunder Wyrm, Drake, Blitz Wyrm and Mist Drake. Blitz Wyrms and Mist Drakes. Get some clues if you meet with the Dwarven Bounty Hunters who have been dispatched earlier.

3. Go to Dragon Valley ( out of Lair of Antharas). To obtain the eggs the clan leader must get last hit on Thunder Wyrms and Drake to obtain their eggs. While you can obtain the Mist Drake and Blitz Wyrm eggs from normal Drakes as well it is much faster if you speak with the corpses of the Bounty Hunters previously sent on this mission. Besides the rewards, they will also spawn the Quest Monster Blitz Wyrms, which you can kill to obtain the Blitz Wyrm eggs.

After collecting all of the quest items you should have 10 of each egg and the Brooch of the Magpie, which you should have obtained from the corpse of Kurtz. These items all appear in your normal, not quest, inventory.

NOTE: In H5 they are located in Death Pass.

4. After collect all itens, back to Giran and talk with blacksmith Kusto. He will give you Black Anvil Coin.
  5. Talk to Martien. He will get the eggs and tell you to talk  to Sir Gustav Athebaldt.

6. Go to Oren and talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt. He instructs you to go meet Dwarven Artisan Balthazar, whom he's supporting, and help him in his research. 

7. Go to Hunters Village and meet Balthazar a dwarf standing outside of the Blacksmith in Hunter's Village. He will tell you to hunt Lesser Giant Soldiers and Lesser Giant Scouts in Giant's Cave to obtain 10 Titan's Powerstones and 10 Nebulite Crystals. He will also exchange the Black Anvil Coin for the Titan's Powerstone recipe, which a dwarf must register to craft the Titan's Powerstones. You obtain Broken Titan's Powerstones and you must craft them into Titan's Powerstone. The recipe is level 2 and has a success rate of 25%. Once you have 10 Titan's Powerstones and 10 Nebulite Crystals, return to Balthazar in Hunter's Village. He will tell you to talk to Sir Gustaf Altebalt.

NOTE: In H5 the Dwarven Artisan Balthazar says that he is in the process of developing a new source of energy. His research requires 10 Spiteful Soul Energies. These ingredients can be obtained on the Fields of Massacre. Monsters to be hunted - Spiteful Soul Leader. Obtain the Item  Spiteful Soul Energy — 10 items . If you have previously received Black Anvil Coin , then Balthazar will give you the common recipe to craft a Item Spiteful Soul Energy — 10 items with a 25% chance of success of Item Spiteful Soul Vengeance . These items drop from the same mobs.

9. Return to Sir Gustaf Altebalt in Oren, who will send you to Sir Eric Rodemai.

10. Talk to Sir Eric Rodemai in Aden Castle Town. He  will send you to Witch Cleo.

11. Witch Cleos is found near the bridge to the Cemetery. You asked Witch Cleo about the scepter of judgment and all you got in return was a cryptic answer. Go back to Sir Eric Rodemai and ask him about the meaning of the riddle. Use the clues he gives you to get the scepter of judgment.

12. Go to The Cemetery with your clan mmembers and hunt the Grave Guard, after you kill some of them Quest monster Grave Keymaster will appear. The clan leader must Kill it. You will need obtain the Item Imperial Key - 6 items .

13. After get the 6 keys go to You cannot cope with this task without your clan, as he is very strong and calls for four Imperial Slave minions. When he has less than half HP, he starts moving attackers outside the cemetery. When the Imperial Gravekeeper is killed, Imperial Coffer appears. Open it and get the item Scepter of Judment.

14. Return to Sir Eric Rodemai in Aden. He will tell you to talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt in Oren.

15. Go to Oren. Talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt. He will get the Scepter of Judmaent and in return you will get 250k SP and the Proof Of Aspiration.

Congratulations..go to some Guild Master and level up your clan to 5.

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