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Kamael Sub class quests

   You have to complete 2 quests: Fate's to whisper to get the Star of Destiny and Seeds of Chaos to get the ability of subclass  NOTE: The subclass Inspector (level 40) that will be Judicator (level 76) can only be made after the char has done sub from all previous kamael classes. Kamael must have passed all base classes in order to follow the specialization of these two classes. Only after the base class creates the two subs and bring them to level 76 will the Inspector sub be avaliable like all subs and start at level 40 with all skills up to this level. In short, in order to do Judicator, you must have passed all Kamael classes available. Kamael only can get kamael classes for subclass. No other races can get kamael classes for subclass.