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Interlude Patch Notes

  Player Character Enhancements The amount of experience lost upon death has been changed. For 1-75 levelles left as before. After 76 level, this value will decrease relative to the standard with each level. At the death of the "red" charm, the chance of getting a fine was greatly increased. The amount of the death penalty (decrease in combat characteristics) is increased. Weapon Augmentation It is an insertion of the stone "Life Stone" in the weapon, which gives the weapon additional characteristics. A weapon enhancement system has been added so that players can add new bonuses to their weapons using Blacksmith. Improvement will require a Life Stone and Gemstone. You can improve weapons with the help of the NPCs of the blacksmith in every city, except the starting ones, and Gludin. Life Stone also come in various grades: No Grade, Mid-Grade, High-Grade, Top-Grade. Each of them has levels 46-76. The bonuses that will be received from augmenta