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Festival of Darkness

THE FESTIVAL OF DARKNESS Among the players participating in the Festival of Darkness, the party that records the best score in each level will contribute points to their Cabal. The Festival of Darkness is divided by level and any players belonging to either of the Cabals can participate. A party comprised of 5 to 9 members participates in the Festival of Darkness. How to Participate: Players may participate only during the competition period. The party wishing to participate should pay Seal Stones to the Guide of the Festival in the Oracle. Priests in towns will teleport you to the Festival for free. Entry fees vary depending on level, and must be paid by party leaders. Parties must consist of a minimum of 5 members belonging to the same Cabal. Members of each party must correspond to the level of the Festival in which they want to participate. Characters who correspond to the level of the Festival, but who have higher level skill


OVERVIEW New with C3 is the Seven Signs competition. This will be a description of what the war of dawn and dusk means to the players: what are the benefits of joining sides, which side to join, what the effects of the competition are. As the Seven Seals that bind the power of Shilen, Goddess of Death, are opened one by one, the world moves closer to the brink of chaos. Each Seal contains a great power that can make the world tremble. The one who opens the Seals can control the power contained within them. The Revolutionary Army of Dusk and the Lords of Dawn compete against each other toward this end. Players join one of these two cabals, which vie for control over the power of the Seals. An unlimited number of players can join the Seven Signs quest, which repeats in two-week intervals. By participating in the Seven Signs, players are given to the opportunity to shape their server in ways that were not possible until now. The war between the Cabals is between those who hol