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Clan Halls

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian. ======================================================================== Clan Halls   In Lineage 2 clan available to special homes for clan - the clan halls. Clan hall gives clan owning a number of tangible benefits. Clan halls can be adquired at auction or in the lottery. Clan simultaneously may hold only one dwelling. What is the clan hall Clan hall is a special place for the clan-house in the game, which allows you to use the clan some useful functions. When a clan reaches a certain level, he can participate in the auction clan halls. Clan charged for possession of dwelling rents. Depending on the location, grade and type of the clan hall there are different set of functions. Clan Members-owner can use functions such as accelerating the recovery of HP and MP, compensation for the loss experience in the resurrection at the clan hall, the activation of functions requires additional paym