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Certified Arbalester

 Level  39  Start Location  Dion  Start Npc   Rindy  Races  Kamael  Classes  Warder  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward   Ability to change class to Abalester sp- 8344       exp- 73590 1. Start the quest by speaking with Master Rindy at the Kamael Guild in Dion. 2. Meet with Clayton in the Dark Elf Giuld. He sends you to collect 30 grudge crystals. 3. Go to   Floran Village to collect 30 grudge crystals hunting the following mobs:     Roughly Hewn Rock Golem, Watchman Of The Plains ,   Cursed Seer   Delu Lizardman Supplier, Delu Lizardman Special Agent, Delu Lizardman Shaman  4. When you are ready go back to Clayton in Dion. He sends you over to Blacksmith Poitan (still in Dion). 5. Poitan sends you to the warehouse to talk to Holvas   6. Speak with Holvas, he will send you to collect 30 quest items - Ma

Certified Berserker

 Level  39  Start Location  Oren Castle Town  Start Npc  Orkurus  Races  Kamael  Classes  Trooper  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward   Ability to change class to Berserker sp- 8344       exp- 73590 1. Start the quest by speaking with Master Orkurus in Oren. He sends you to wants you to Master Tenain in Giran . You will recieve 48 Dimensional Diamond from him. 2.Master Tenain in Giran will send you to hunt Breka Orcs at Breka Stronghold. Breka Orc   Breka Orc Archer    Breka Orc Warrior   Breka Orc Shaman      Breka Orc Overlord   3. When you have 20 quest items ( Breka Orc Head) return to Master Tenain in Giran. He tells you to go to Caravaner Gort near Death Pass. 4. Go and defeat some Road Scavangers on the road to recover a message plate (prepare to be patient this will take some time) 5. When you finally have Message Plate r