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Event-Medals Collecting

  How does it work? You can acquire up to 5 Collector's levels . Each level unlocks new rewards. You can obtain these levels by playing a game of coin flipping (heads or tails) with Winnie the Cat . You will need a fixed number of Glittering medals for each game, so raising your collector levels won’t be easy.  Beginner --   Rabbit 5 Glittering Medal   Hyena 10 Glittering Medal   Fox 20 Glittering Medal   Wolf 40 Glittering Medal  You can get interesting rewards from NPC  Roy the Cat.  You need to get an appropriate event-level to get them: Lvl 4  Lvl 3  Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 0  Rewards Roy the Cat Louie the Cat Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Haste Potion 5 4 Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Swift Attack Potion 5 4 Wolf Fox

What is Lineage II?

What is Lineage II? Lineage II is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows, the second game in the Lineage series. It has become very popular since its October 1, 2003 launch in South Korea, reporting 1.000,918 unique users during the month of March 2007. To date, the game has been played by more than 14 million users, mostly based in Asia. On November 30, 2011 Lineage II adopted a free-to-play model in Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction, with all game content being free save for "purchasable in-game store items and packs". The world of  Lineage II The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. The young king Raoul has successfully quenched a civil war and established the newest kin