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Path to Orc Shaman

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.

1) This quest starts outside of the King's Hall in Orc Village with Tataru zu Hestui. He sends you to get item from 3 monsters.

1a- Go to location on map and kill Kasha Bear

1b-Go to location on map(same place of kasha bear) and kill Kasha Blade Spiders.

1c- The Scarlet Salamanders can be found in the Cave of Trials, the second room in with the lava pit. You should get the item on first kill.

2) Back to Tataru Zu Hestui and he gives you the Hestui Mask and the Fiery egg . He sends you to find the Hestui Totem Spirit
3) Hestui Totem Spirit is just outside of town. If you run as if you were going back to the Orc starting area and make a left halfway there, the spirit is against a stone wall a bit of a walk away.The Hestui Totem Spirit give you the Totem Spirit Claw and sends you back to Tataru.

4) Tataru asks you two questions, choose the opt…

Path to Orc Monk

1) This quest starts in Orc Village outside of the Weapons and Armor Shop with Gantaki zu Urutu. He sends you to Khavatari Rosheek .

2) Rosheek is at the Frozen Waterfalls and tells you to get 5 claws from the Kasha Bear and you have to use bare fists or a fist weapon.

3) Kasha bears can be found near the pushpin but there are also a bunch right where Rosheek is too.

4) when you get 5 and the pouch turns full go back to Rosheek.Now he wants you to do the same with the Kasha Blade Spiders, which are in the same area again.

5) Back to Resheek.Then he wants 5 scales from the Scarlet Salamanders that are in the Cave of Trials, in the second room with the lava pool.

6) when you get 5 items and another full pouch go back to Rosheek. He sends you back to Gantaki zu Urutu.

7) Gantaki gives you two choices, the first takes you to Gludin the second to Schuttgart. This time I did Gludin, which is "Get the scroll from Prefect Kasman".

8) In Gludin at the Orc Guild talk to Prefect …

Path to Orc Raider

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.
1) This quest starts in The King's Hall in Orc Village with Prefect Karukia. She tells you to hunt Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders, which will cause the Kuruka Ratman Leaders to show up, then kill those as well.

2) The Goblins Tomb Raider Leaders are found near the Immortal Plateau Northern Region. As you kill them, randomly the Ratman Leader will show up. The Ratman
Leader shows up anywhere from 3 Green Blood quest items, and 10
items. You have to do this until you have 10 Kuruka Ratman Teeth so it
takes a while to do. The drop rate is 100% though.

3) When you have 10 go back to Karukia and she asks if you want to go to Gludin or Schuttgart. The majority choose Schuttgart cause the gatekeep fees are more cheap.

3.a-->If you choose Schuttgart visit the Orc Guild there and talk to Prefect Tazeer.

>Tazeer will send you on a mission to bring ba…