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Path to Orc Monk

1) This quest starts in Orc Village outside of the Weapons and Armor Shop with Gantaki zu Urutu. He sends you to Khavatari Rosheek .

2) Rosheek is at the Frozen Waterfalls and tells you to get 5 claws from the Kasha Bear and you have to use bare fists or a fist weapon.

3) Kasha bears can be found near the pushpin but there are also a bunch right where Rosheek is too.

4) when you get 5 and the pouch turns full go back to Rosheek.Now he wants you to do the same with the Kasha Blade Spiders, which are in the same area again.

5) Back to Resheek.Then he wants 5 scales from the Scarlet Salamanders that are in the Cave of Trials, in the second room with the lava pool.

6) when you get 5 items and another full pouch go back to Rosheek. He sends you back to Gantaki zu Urutu.

7) Gantaki gives you two choices, the first takes you to Gludin the second to Schuttgart. This time I did Gludin, which is "Get the scroll from Prefect Kasman".

8) In Gludin at the Orc Guild talk to Prefect Kasman and he sends you to Khavatari Toruku.

9) Toruku is near the Fellmere Harvest Grounds. He gives you a stack of mobs to kill, 3 items each (100% drop rate) from 4 types of mobs.

10)The mobs and locations are below.

10a) Go walking to location in map and kill Felim Lizardman Warrior

10b) Go walking in direction of Ruins of Agony, and go to location on map and kill Ratman Warrior.

10c) Go to Gludin and after to Windmill Hill and kill Voku Orc Fighter.

10d) Go walking in direction to Langklizardman Dewllings and kill Langk Lizardamen Warriors.

11) When you are done go back to Toruku.Toruku sends you to Gludin to Kasman again.

9) Kasman rewards you with Khavatari Totem.

10) Then in that same spot talk to High Prefect Osborn to change to a Monk.


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